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CO₂ incubators are widely used in scientific research to grow and maintain cell cultures. Typical fields of application include tissue engineering, in vitro fertilisation, neuroscience, cancer research, stem cell research, regenerative medicine and other mammalian cell research.

Precise Temperature, CO₂ Control and High Humidity

  • Best uniformity and control among competition.
  • Fast CO₂, temperature and humidity recovery without overshoot.
  • Direct heat design for rapid recovery, with 8 heaters grouped into 3 zones.
  • Air jacket provides isolation against ambient temperature fluctuations.
  • Forced convection accelerates recovery of chamber air to prevent contamination.
  • Filtered air circulates across water pan to accelerate the humidifying process.
  • Air flows gently around culture plates, causing no disturbance to cell culture.
  • Blower automatically stops when the door is opened, to minimise mixing of chamber and room air.


Contamination Control System Provides Seamless Protection

  • Filtration enables the chamber air to be maintained at ISO class 5 condition.
  • Validated moist heat decontamination cycle operates overnight to eradicate any contamination in the unlikely event it occurs.
  • All input gases are filtered by in-line filters before they enter the chamber to remove impurities and contaminants.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Comprehensive user-configurable alarms for all the parameters.
  • Intelligent data and event logger record all incubator parameters for on-screen recall.
  • Diagnostic interface and online quick help provide comprehensive solutions to frequently encountered problems.
  • RS485 data output

Our Core Services

Biological Safety Cabinets offer protection from microbiological contamination to the operator, environment and product. They are utilised by a range of scientific and research facilities within the commercial and non-commercial sectors, including clinical research, defence, education and general healthcare sectors.

Having the correct laminar air flow equipment in your cleanroom environment is very important, so British Clinical Services have worked hard to amass a quality selection of high-end equipment manufacturers for your needs.

Ductless fume hoods do not require any external ventilation. Instead, they use filters to capture solvent fumes from circulating air, which is then vented into the room. Ductless fume cabinets can maintain the same airflow as a standard vented fume hood but are easier to install as they do not require ventilation ducts.

Contamination control and PCR process repeatability is simplified with a range of PCR Cabinets. Each PCR Cabinet we install provides filtered vertical laminar flow to purge the work area of contaminants between amplifications and during preparatory procedures.

All fume cupboards and ventilated enclosures should be monitored and serviced annually both for safety and compliance purposes but also to retain the efficiency of your units.

British Clinical Services offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing agreement for all makes and models of Fume Cupboards.