British Clinical Services Reaffirms its Position Within the Sanondaf Network

As British Clinical Services approaches its first year under new management, the company is looking to enhance its service provisions and customer experience by reaffirming its strategy to partner within the Sanondaf network. The company is also seeking to reinforce specific COVID-19 related services which are aimed at supporting customers during the pandemic with continued development from each business.

The high level of customer experience already achieved during the pandemic has been made possible due to the combined expertise and optimised services from the two companies, both allowing for a customer-centred approach. By offering access to alternative methods for stopping the spread of the virus, the customer benefits from the provision of specifically designed anti-microbial services regardless of the surface they are being applied to or the type of space.

Neil Anderson, Managing Director of British Clinical Services, commented:

 “Through the recent evaluation process, we have identified Sanondaf as the ideal affiliate during the COVID-19 pandemic because of their unique combination of high-quality technology and unmatched customer service. The innovative Sanondaf technology means we are able to offer our customers an all-round service which can be customised to suit their needs and stop the spread of the virus in the most effective and efficient way.”

British Clinical Services continue to pursue a multi-service strategy and develop enhanced techniques.

The strategy has made it possible to establish solid competitive advantages within the industry, with new growth in both revenues and company structure. These competitive advantages have also enabled British Clinical Services to invest in new technology and develop enhanced techniques for combatting COVID-19.

Neil said “It is almost one year since we acquired British Clinical Services and became the new owners. We are looking at various ways to improve our service catalogue for our customers, new and long-standing, which has given us an opportunity to take stock of some of the fundamental elements that make up our service provisions and add new services such as Rapid Deployment Temperature Screening.”

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