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Carol has spent all of her working life within the administration department of the fast-paced ever-evolving Port Sector, a career culminating as Office Manager.

Carol says; Attention to detail, flexibility and customer satisfaction have formed the basis of my previous role and I fully intend to continue these traits into my new career.

My role in British Clinical Services will not only evolve around administration but will see me take on a key role as a Service Engineer, therefore I am not just keeping an eye on customer satisfaction, I am now also committed to ensuring the safety and bio-security of my clients and their products.

The sectors we are involved in are extremely exciting and crucial to our economy as I am looking forward to playing a key role within them.


Neil’s varied career, HM Forces, Steel Stock Holding and the Shipping & Ports industry may seem unrelated to the science sector, however self-discipline, confidentiality and professionalism are key transferable skills that are important to all of the businesses within the sector.

Neil says: Personal development and that of our team are vital in not only understanding current legislation but keeping up with developments and trends as they occur, this is something that British Clinical Services will endeavour to fulfil.

We very much look forward to upholding and building on the exceptional name and work ethics that British Clinical Services have developed over the past ten years. Our training thus far has been second to none and for that, we are extremely grateful and we are committed to serving our clients in the manner they have been accustomed to.